We would like to say thank you for allowing Universal to earn your business. This company was founded on three principles, We believe that with the right budget and selecting the right vehicle, that every consumer can drive away happy. It is our belief that the car industry is full of money hungry, lien holding, blood thirsty individuals.


 My first car purchase was long and daunting. The dealer put me in a low budget car with outrageous pricing. When I got home and read the fine print it was clear that the bottom line was to make money by any means necessary. Needless to say, that dealer no longer exists and from that I can truly say, we here at Universal Auto Sales will do every thing in our power to increase your love for the car buying experience.


 our company has decided to give upfront prices that will allow the consumer to make better living choices and hopefully enjoy their new purchase for years to come.


Being in the car industry for 15 years dealing with costumer after costumer has also allowed me to say; My cars are not the cheapest, we do not specialize in cheap cars. The Motto "you get what you pay for" is very important in this industry. We Specialize in cars that will allow you to take family trips and get to work safely.

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